The York Rite of Masonry offers Masons that “…further light.” York Rite offers you, a Master Mason, the chance to live history beyond “that which was lost.” Do you remember how you received the “Substitute?” York Rite fills in the blanks.

Do you know who completed King Solomon’s Temple? What role did Nebuchadnezzar have in the destruction of King Solomon’s Temple, and how long did it take to rebuild it? Why did King Solomon’s Temple have to be rebuilt? You will live history in the Royal Arch Masons as these questions are answered, one by one.

For fees of only $35.00 you will begin to learn more of Masonry in the Royal Arch Chapter. “Masonry is a progressive science, taught by Degrees only.”

You may apply for the Mark Master Degree only without a degree fee.  

Chapter Petition for Capitular Degrees

Cryptic Council Masons meet in a Secret Vault. The Bible refers to “…secret markings on the Ark.” What was in the Ark of the Covenant, and how large was it? Where was its place in the Temple of King Solomon, and why? In the Cryptic Council, find out. You will receive these Degrees in a close, personal manner. You will see, hear and participate during your quest for Further Light in Masonry.

The modern day Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the West Wall of King Solomon’s Temple. Where did the rubble which was once King Solomon’s Temple go? Answers may be found in the Degrees conferred by the Cryptic Council.

Having received the Degrees conferred in the Royal Arch Chapter, you are eligible to receive the Degrees of Cryptic Masonry for a fee of just $25.00.

Petition for Cryptic Degrees

The Commandery, Knights Templar, is the more serious side of Masonry, and alludes to the Christians of the Dark or Middle Ages who wished to see the Holy Land returned to Christian hands. Jacques DeMolay was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and his execution by Phillip the Fair of France was the final chapter in the long history of the medieval Order. Sir Knights of modern times respect the religious freedoms, and zealously endeavor to bring Light to those who seek it.

Masons who have completed the Degrees of both the Royal Arch and Cryptic Masons are eligible to petition to become Sir Knights in the Commandery for a fee of $100.00.

Petition for Chivalric Orders

Combined Application for Membership.


If you are already a member of the York Rite and wish to join us,
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