2023 Officers

High Priest – Joven Bilog

King – Jaime Manipis

Scribe – Giuseppe Ariola

Treasurer – Apolinar Quinto, KYCH

Secretary – Ronald W. Alcorn III, KCT, KYCH

Chaplain –Melito Camonayan, PHP

Captain of the Host –  Massimo Del Grande, PHP

Principal Sojourner – Christian Lanot, KYCH

Royal Arch Captain –Jacinto Villanueva

Master of the Third Veil – David Ogle

Master of the Second Veil – Jonathan Wood

Master of the First Veil – 

Sentinel – 

Officers Coach – Charles Schubert, KYCH

Inspector, Royal Arch District 32 – Duane Nead, PHP

Department 4 Grand Lecturer – Doug Strother, PHP

Department 4 Grand Officer –